S.B. Sims has for many years been profoundly interested in history, its associated artifacts and the ancient technical skills and folklore surrounding people and their culture.

If nothing else, man is a tool-maker and is limited only by the imagination.

S.B. spent a great deal of time in broadcasting and as a technical electrician specializing in automation technology and associated electronics.

As a hobbyist, making accessories for medieval armaments and fantasy objects for fun and profit has been a lifelong passion. Born in Central California, U.S.A. and now living in the great Northwest, Bend Oregon to be precise, S.B. Sims enjoys the inspiration of natural surroundings, living in the forest at the juncture of three rivers at Gnome's Gnob (sic), occasionally travelling to likely places to acquire the curious treasures now available to you here at The Collection of Crispin Mindebender.